What We Do

InfoCentral is our digital signage solution that provides essential, contextual information to your customers. InfoCentral has been crafted specifically with the needs of users in industry-specific verticals in mind, and can be quickly mastered by anyone.

InfoCentral provides interactive capabilities without requiring a single line of code to the designer. Our software is cloud-based, allowing you to control your entire digital signage network from a single location.

About InfoCentral


  • Create - Deploy - Display
  • Contextual Content Management


  • Interactive & Non-Interactive
  • Industry-specific Templates


  • Low Monthly Packages
  • Diversified Content Tools


Media Galleries, Video Players, Weather & Traffic Maps, and many more!

Our creative team is available to assist you in the creation, integration, and maintenance of content for all of your interactive projects. We are also constantly adding new features to our platform. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about a feature, as we might already be adding it, and we are interested in all feature requests.




Interactivity can change a static sign into something dynamic. It can add new, contextual, and helpful information across nearly any vertical. This increased engagement and functionality are just a few of the many reasons why digital signage is the right choice!

Touch screens and interactive displays are allowing for businesses to reach their target market in a highly evolved fashion. Having interactivity as a feature makes users feel that they are in command of the experience. It's giving them the impression that your marketing tool is customer-oriented.

We have developed a simple, colloquial method of adding interaction to any element in your App. No computer programming background is necessary, and you won’t ever see a single line of code!


User-friendly, cloud-based InfoCentral Content Management System allows and empowers you to manage and update the contents on your digital signage network from any place, on any device, using any standard web browser without the need of locally installed software, delivering digital media information to selected screens.

Central Control

InfoCentral offers flexible, yet down to the minute scheduling capabilities for day-by-day content organization and planning. The contents of each playlist can be assigned by date range, days of the week and time of the day. Multiple schedules may be freely combined for each playlist, allowing for sophisticated scheduling of datasets.

Create a playlist, upload your content or select one of our templates to design your own slides. Schedule the playlist and assign media players that will download and play the presentation you created.


Beautiful and elegant designs, InfoCentral templates have been created to correspond with your main verticals, including Menu Boards, Building Directories & Medical Centers, with multi-language functionality.

Templates are offered in both interactive in non-interactive designs, and the interactivity has already been built in to the template, so your App will be functional right out of the gate.

With Templates, it is now easier than ever to create rich content quickly - minutes instead of hours. Simply choose an orientation, and an ever-growing list of Templates appear for you to choose from. Then it’s as simple as swapping out our images for yours, editing the text, and you’re ready to go.

Contact us

InfoCentral is there to support our partners every step of the way. You can search through our Help Guide, accessible through the InfoCentral portal. Our Help Guide is composed of the most frequented questions and solutions to those questions, as well as other issues that may arise. It provides a searchable database of tutorial videos, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions.

If you do not find an answer to your question or problem, we invite you to reach out to us via email or phone so we can walk you through it.

Our team has your back and we are here to support you every step of the way.